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    Important Notice

      To my dear E2SHIP member,
      Our company are expanding and warehouse will relocate to a new address
      from June 1, 2024 to June 4, 2024 (Saturday to Sunday).

      All members please change the receiving address immediately to :

      Receiver name:E2SHIPxxx
      Province : 广东省
      City: 佛山市
      Area: 南海区
      Address: 大沥镇盐步河西湾溪工业区6号闪亿仓A98慧智
      Postal Code:528200



      Shipping Terms & Conditions Con't


      4. If sensitive goods are seized by the customs at the export port, they will be compensated for loss and will not be liable for any other joint liability or value compensation.

      5. This quotation does not include remote surcharges, fines, warehousing and other miscellaneous charges caused by the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay, the above fees will be automatically transferred to the sender (company).



      Shipping Terms & Conditions Con't

      3. Compensation standard: If the insurance is not purchased, the loss of the item will be compensated at two times the shipping freight, no freight will be refunded, and the maximum compensation standard is 100 US dollars; the purchase of insurance will be compensated according to the insured amount. If the information provided by the customer does not match the actual goods, the quality of the goods itself, and specific certification issues, etc., compensation will not be accepted; in case of war, natural disasters and other force majeure factors, except for damage or loss of the goods, compensation will not be accepted ; In the course of transportation, if there is an overall time limit delay caused by flight delays/customs clearance delays, etc., compensation will not be accepted. Once the goods are delivered, the rules of this clause will be acquiesced.




      🇲🇾RM > Baht🇹🇭 (7.88)


      🇹🇭Baht > RM🇲🇾 (8.00)



      Shipping Terms & Conditions


      1. All consequences such as the deduction or return of the goods by the airport customs and fines due to sender's sensitive goods declare as normal goods which is ship as normal parcel will take as false reports by airport customs and the parcel of goods shall be borne by the sender, and the shipping cost paid by sender will not be refunded.

      2. Accepted insurance. The insurance fee is charged at 5% of the insured amount, and the minimum charge is 50 yuan/ticket. If the goods are lost, compensation will be based on the insured amount. To apply for compensation, a local third-party loss certificate (such as a police, delivery company seal certificate) must be issued.

    Parcel delivery door to door
    All parcel estimated will reach within 6 - 8 working days or more (Due to current situation)

    Ship Fees – Thailand